BJP leader Uma Bharti tests Corona positive

Last Updated: Sunday, 27 September 2020 (13:32 IST)
New Delhi: BJP leader said that she has tested Corona positive.

The leader said she got tested because she was down with a mild fever for three days and was positive for the virus in spite of following all norms including social distancing over her recent trip to the Himalayas.
In a series of tweets on late Saturday night, she wrote, “I am informing you that today I called the Corona Test team on the last day of my mountain journey by urging the administration because I had a mild fever for 3 days.
She said she has followed all the legal and social protocols of Covid in the Himalayas, yet she turned Corona positive.
She said, “I am quarantined in Vande Mataram Kunj, which is between Haridwar and Rishikesh and is like my family. I will the test again after seven days and if the situation remains the same, then according to the doctors’ advice, I will decide.”
She appealed to whoever has come in contact with her or knows about them, to get their corona test done and take care. (UNI)