BJP making inroads in Telangana due to 7 years KCR's tyranny

Last Modified Wednesday, 2 June 2021 (15:48 IST)
Tirupati,: Communist Party of India(CPI) national secretary Dr K Narayana strongly condemned the seven-year rule of Rashtra Samithi(TRS) chief and Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao as utter failure in fulfilling poll promises, and for stifling opposition and demolishing democracy in the state.
Speaking to media on the occasion of Telangana foundation day, Dr Narayana said unlike ,CPI had contributed immensely for formation of the state and nearly 1500 persons including students of Osmania university had sacrificed their lives. But TRS had taken undue credit for all and grabbed all fruits of success promoting only one social group of KCR.
Condemning KCR’s 7 year rule as undemocratic and despotic, the CPI leader said had demolished Dharna Chowk and resorted to house arrest of opposition leaders, if he smelled of any agitation against his chair, and used police departments as his band of political annihilation.
He said the power hungry and anti democratic moves of TRS and KCR had only strengthened the right wing in Telangana to emerge as a strong opposition as spelled out in the victory in the recent Hyderabad Municipal corporation (GHMC) elections.
He said in his drive to install family members in power seats, KCR had distanced popular party leaders like Etela Rajinder as he did Prof Kodandaram in the past. KCR had surrendered to a group of industrialists and bureaucrats who were misguiding him to promote elements of Samaikyandhra campaign.
He said those who opposed Telangana had now been enjoying fruits as contractors supported by lobby of bureaucrats .
Dr Narayana called upon democratic forces to strive in coordination and the end the reign of tyranny of KCR and growth of BJP in Telangana (UNI)