BJP set to make cow, Ram Temple and Article 370 part of national agenda campaign

Last Updated: Tuesday, 14 August 2018 (10:54 IST)
New Delhi: A grand at will happen “sooner than later” and it is completely erroneous to label the three contentious issues of Uniform Civil Code, removal of and ban on cow slaughter as part of any Hindutva agenda, says BJP.
In the run-up to the ensuing poll season, the BJP’s line would be-- these issues have been a part of the “national agenda” since the time of Dr B R Ambedkar.
“All these three issues and the fourth one of have been labelled as the BJP agenda, but the fact remains that these three things are part of the guiding principles of the Constitution....It was from Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar’s time and it was under his guidance that the Constitution was framed...These are the national agenda,” a senior party leader told UNI on the condition of anonymity.
“And in that context, Ayodhya (Ram Temple) comes as the fourth thing because an overwhelming majority of the country - not just Hindus - want Ram Temple. These three issues are part of the national agenda because they are there right from the birth of our Constitution,” he said.
As the party would be launching fortnight long Social Justice outreach from August 15, the saffron party camp says, “We are patient enough to wait for the court verdict or any kind of political development on Ram Temple we will wait for that”.
However, the source asserted, “I am sure it (Ram Temple) will happen sooner than later”. (UNI)