Chandrababu Naidu “back stabbed” his father-in-law NTR: PM Modi

Last Updated: Sunday, 10 February 2019 (17:28 IST)
Guntur: Prime Minister on Sunday lambasted Chief Minister and Telugu Desam Party National President N for joining hands with the Congress Party to form a ‘polluted’ and spending people’s money for organising programmes against him.

Addressing a public meeting at Yetukuru village, the Prime Minister asked Mr Naidu to tell people with whose money he is going to organise the ‘Dharma Porata Deeksha’ in Delhi on Monday.
Mr Modi said that the organised the public meeting today with contributions of BJP activists and Mr Naidu is misusing people’s money for holding political meetings.
“For the last few months, Mr Chandrababu Naidu has been using all the abusive words whichever figured in the dictionary to criticise me. Is it the culture of Andhra Pradesh?, Mr Modi asked. The “father and son” (Naidu and his Minister son Nara Lokesh) led government has forgotten development and indulging in only abusive politics” he criticised.
Mr Modi said “I have maintained silence though the father and son are abusing me. The Father and son’s mis-governance should be defeated and I hope the people of AP will vote them out of power”, he said.
The Prime Minister said that Mr Chandrababu Naidu claim that he is senior to him (PM). “I agree, Mr Naidu is senior to me in “back stabbing” (former Chief Minister and TDP Founder N T Rama Rao), getting defeated in elections, and abusing and later joining hands with parties (like Congress). NTR’s soul must be grieving for the TDP joining hands with the Congress, Mr Modi said.
In a sarcastic manner, the Prime Minister addressed Mr Chandrabu Naidu as “Lokesh’s father. Mr.Naidu promised to build “sunrise AP state, but there is only “son-rise”, ridiculously referring to Naidu’s son Lokesh entry into politics.”
The AP Chief Minister is disregarding development of the state and focussing on abusing me, Mr Modi said.
Mr Chandrababu Naidu told me that he would turn around the AP state but he himself had taken a “U” turn, he ridiculed.
Mr.Chandrababu Naidu is spending sleepless nights, fearing and shivering of defeat in the ensuing elections, he said and alleged that Amaravati to Polavaram, corruption is rampant.
Referring the “Modi Go Back” slogans and flexi banners erected by the TDP, the Prime Minister ridiculed that they wished him to “Go Back to Delhi” to occupy the Prime Minister seat again and he predicted that he would definitely come back to power.
Referring to the protests by TDP cadre by wearing black shirts and releasing black balloons in protest against his visit, Mr Modi said “Whenever we launch a new assignment, we fear of evil. By releasing black balloons, the TDP “weeded out the evil” to us”, he added.
The Prime Minister said that the Centre granted 10 National institutions out of 11 to AP including AIIMs, IIT in Tirupati, Central University in Anantapur and IIM in Visakhapatnam. Three Airports were expanded, the Viskhapatnam-Chennai industrial corridor would be established and assured to extend support for the development of AP. (UNI)