Congress threatens SC judges with impeachment to delay Ayodhya case hearing: PM Modi

Last Modified Sunday, 25 November 2018 (16:27 IST)
Alwar: Launching all out attack on the rival Congress, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said that leaders of the grand old party attempted to drag the judiciary into political affairs and pressurise the judges by threat of impeachment.
Congress threatens with impeachment to delay hearing: PM Modi" width="740" />
Addressing an election rally here this afternoon, Mr Modi said that a noted lawyer and sitting Congress member of Rajya Sabha had pleaded before the Supreme Court during hearing in the Ayodhya case that the proceeding be adjourned until 2019 in view of the scheduled elections next year.
“This was a move of dragging the judiciary in the political affairs of the country, can it be justified and acceptable, should the autonomy of judiciary not be be honoured”, the PM wanted to know from the audience.
When the pleadings did not work, the court did not entertain the demand, they resorted to a new game plan of creating a scare in among judges by threat of moving impeachment against them, if the demand is not concede to, Mr Modi went on saying.
“This is a dangerous game(move) of the grand old party that has upper hand in the House of Elders, however, we would not allow them to succeed, he assured the nation.
I want to assured the judges that so long were are there in the service of the nation, we(BJP) shall not allow their move(Kaale Karnaame) to succeed in Parliament, they are not required to be scared(of such threats),” Mr Modi asserted. (UNI)