COVID-19: confirmed cases reaches 166 in India

Last Updated: Thursday, 19 March 2020 (11:15 IST)
New Delhi: The number of  confirmed COVID-19 cases reached 166 in India on Wednesday evening, Union Health Ministry said.The total number of active COVID-19 cases across the country at present is 134, according to the Health Ministry.
There have been three deaths so far due to the here while 14 persons have recovered.The fourteen persons who have recovered have been discharged.According to the government data, Maharashtra so far has the highest number of cases which is 39 including one death, followed by Kerala with 25 out of which three have recovered.
Out of the 151 confirmed cases, 25 are foreign nationals, the Ministry said.
The confirmed cases across the globe have reached 2,03,529 while 82107 is the number of those who have recovered and the worldwide confirmed deaths with reference to Coronavirus are 8205 till Wednesday evening.The country has reported its third death due to novel coronavirus on Tuesday. (UNI)