Delhi continues to choke due to severe air pollution

Last Modified Saturday, 2 November 2019 (13:28 IST)
New Delhi: National capital on Saturday woke up to a hazy morning with 'severe' air quality.
The sky covered with haze and the air dense is making it difficult for the Delhiites to breathe as they complained of itchy eyes and a heavy head.The average Index (AQI) in the city was around 402 at around 1100 hours here.
government has urged the neighboring state governments to set a timeline to give required equipment to the farmers to control the stubble burning situation.
on Friday declared a public health emergency and the Delhi government has said it stands firm with NGT, Supreme Court and the EPCA and will implement Graded Response Action Plan.
Delhi government yesterday distributed masks to school children in view of rising air pollution. During his interaction with the school children, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal asked the children to right a letter to Haryana and Punjab Chief Ministers to stop farm fires. 
Municipal bodies were seen exercising measures to improve the situation like spraying water and continuously cleaning the roads to keep away dust and others.
In the view of pollution, the Delhi government had declared holiday for all schools till November 5 on Friday. On Friday, Delhi was in 'Severe plus' category. The odd-even scheme will start from November 4 to 15. (UNI)