Delhi sets an example for high standards of education in govt schools

Last Updated: Thursday, 19 July 2018 (17:48 IST)
The schools in are setting an example for free and yet high standards of education in government schools.

This picture is from a government school in East Delhi. The school is able to provide clean and well-maintained toilet facility, something that’s hard to find even in most of the private institutions.
  • In the past two years, 8000 new classrooms have been constructed in Delhi.
  • 22 new schools building have been constructed with state of art the facilities.
  • 54 schools were selected as a model and their infrastructure is being upgraded with labs, smart classes, libraries and e-learning modules.
  • The Delhi Government in its Annual Budget 2017-2018, allotted an amount of Rs 100 crore for setting up of libraries in all the Government schools under the Directorate of Education.
  • The government launched a reading campaign in 2016. It focused on all children of Std 6 to 8 who could not read their own textbooks. Upon its completion, nearly 1 lakh students of Std 6 to 8  moved from being non-readers to reading grade-appropriate text.
  • In 2016, summer camps were organized in 555 government schools of Delhi. Receiving immense success and the feedback from students, teachers, and parents, the number will rise to 1024 next year. These camps focused on developing activity-based learning process among the students.
In a Twitter post, Delhi CM shared a story in which a man transferred his sons from a private institution to a government school in Delhi because he finds them as good as the private school and yet free.

Kejriwal writes, "I am immensely glad that the people have increased their trust in the public schools. My dream is that every government school in the country becomes good. Every poor child gets good education – whether he is Hindu or Muslim. Only then India would become the world's number one country."
Image source: Twitter