Embrace The Lap Of Mother Nature, Care For Your Environment!

Last Modified Friday, 5 June 2020 (10:56 IST)
Erode:The oxygen we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat and
the trees we need are all the forms of nature that make our existence  possible. We all live with ease, because nature has endowed us with  innumerable blessings to satiate our daily needs.

Hence, it's rightly  adorned with a prefix, 'mother'. When our is eco friendly or  nature friendly we tend to elongate our journey of life with sheer  quality. However, if not, we aren't only harming us but snatching a lot  away from our future generations too.
Deyga Organics  has always been a great admirer of nature. The brand has never skipped  an opportunity to reciprocate its love for nature and show its reverence  towards it. In a conversation with Mrs. Arthi Raguram the founder of  Deyga, she said, "We are a socially responsible brand. As our motive is  to make people aware of the potency of natural ingredients, our entire  work is based on nature and its offerings through a direct connection.  We believe our environment is substantial and pure when its blessed with  the offerings of nature. The trees around, soothing weather, flowing  rivers are serene and soothing to eyes but equally important for the  maintenance of ecosystem. It's our duty to express our gratitude towards  these divine entities which support life and the only way to do it is  by protecting our environment".
In this year of 2020  Deyga has contributed its bit to the environment by planting 4800 trees.  Besides, the brand has planned to plant 1 Lakh trees in ten years from  now as a gesture of gratitude towards the Mother Earth. From organic  farming to cruelty free products, the purpose of Deyga has always been  the optimal usage of natural resources while safeguarding its  principles. When asked about the tree planting ceremony, Mrs. Arthi  responded, "Trees do a lot for us. By planting more trees we aren't only  fulfilling our duties of being responsible citizens but also gifting a  natural and serene environment to the upcoming generations that they  absolutely deserve. Planting trees is a reverence towards the love of  Nature for us."
This Environment Day  Deyga urges everyone to unite and fight against the wreckful Global  warming along with the natural disasters that are ready to gulp down all  the life forms at one go!  If we  take strong steps towards the conservation of nature, we will be saving  ourselves from the clutches of massive destruction. "Saving nature is  the only way we can make our environment better!" With this belief,  Deyga Organics requests each and everyone to realize the importance of  nature and contribute their part towards the protection of the ultimate  source of life.