Fearing deportation Illegal immigrants migrates from India to Bangladesh

Last Modified Thursday, 21 November 2019 (12:43 IST)
Dhaka:The number of illegal intruders into from in fear of (NRC) of the country suddenly has risen. Often everyday people from India are intruding into Bangladesh territory through Maheshpur border in Jhenidah District. Among them, at least 200 Indian intruders were detained by the (BGB) members in last two weeks.
BGB said most of the intruders are Muslims. They left India as fear gripped them, and because of persecution by local people. After detaining them, they have been sent to jail through court order on charge of entering Bangladesh illegally.
Sources in BGB said Bengalis were coming to Bangladesh through Jaluli, Palianpur and Khosalpur borders in Maheshpur upazila. In 15 days of November, Bangladesh border force members detained 75 women, 64 children and 64 men.
Last Tuesday, they held four people who intruded into Bangladesh territory.Kamrul Ahsan, commanding of BGB-58 at Khalishpur, told this correspondent that those who migrated from Bangladesh to India are facing various difficulties and pressure specially in Bangalore that is why they left the country.

They claimed once they were in Bangladesh, and gave address of inpassable areas, that is why BGB cannot scrutinize these, said Kamrul, adding that superior authorities were informed regarding this. 
Locals said the number of intruders much higher than BGB mentioned. They entered Bangladesh hoodwinking the border security force members. BGB official Kamrul claimed they strickly guard. There is no chance to play trick with them.
Regarding this, Maheshpur Police Station officer in-charge Rashedul Alam said most of the detainees are of Bagerhat and Khulna areas. They went to India two decades ago.About the intrusion, human rights worker Aminur Rahman Tuku told this correspondent that if the people come from India to Bangldesh such way that burden the country like Rohingyas created so.
The intruders may involve themselves with various offenses if they do not get job to lead life here as most of them sold their properties while leaving country, Aminur said.The human rights worker also urged the government to discuss with India to resolve the problem.
Deputy Commissioner Saroj Kumar Nath said he talked to the detainees. They told him that they were in India without passport. Recently they were being searched for by some people there, and those sheltered them were also being asked to refuse shelter that led them to flee the country.(UNI)