Govt's decision to change name of three Andaman Islands upsets many

Last Modified Thursday, 27 December 2018 (14:34 IST)
Port Blair: The is in a name changing spree and now its turn for three of Chain to get new name but the proposal has not gone down well with the Islanders of the Union Territory.
The social media of Andaman and Nicobar Islands is flooded with negative reactions and remarks in this issue, especially because the remote Islands are facing major problems of connectivity and transportation, which are more important than 'names'.People of Andaman and Nicobar islands are offended mainly because before such a major move, the Administration neither consulted prominent citizens of Andaman Islands nor asked for public views.
Many people attached to Tourism business, who have spent thousands of rupees on the brand names 'Havelock Island' and 'Neil Island' for online promotion of tourism worldwide, are worst affected as whatever they have achieved since last few years will be a total waste after the names change.
According to Tourism Stake holders, it took several decades to build 'Havelock' and 'Neil' brand names for Andaman Tourism and now people fear that after these name changes it will take several more years to build new brand names.Meanwhile, Andaman and Nicobar Hotelier Association has also expressed reservation in this matter.
In a letter addressed to the Prime Minister of India, the president of ANHA, Mr. G Bhasker wrote that "We have reservation in changing the name of the tourist destination like Havelock, Neil, Ross Island,
Viper Island, Jolly Boy, North Bay, Red Skin, etc. These Islands are synonymous with tourism since the last view decades. The changing of name of these islands, after having created a strong brand will cause immense loss to tourism and to the local youths involved in tourism,? he said.
The ANHA requested the PM to name the lesser known islands and also newly discovered islands in the name of freedom fighters. Alternately, even the Diglipur group of islands can also be considered for renaming. In light of the above mentioned facts, we kindly request you to have a relook on the proposal for the renaming of Islands, specifically Havelock and Neil Islands,? Mr. Bhasker added.(UNI)