Hindus will win Ayodhya legal battle: Swami

Last Modified Monday, 14 May 2018 (10:50 IST)
Lucknow: BJP MP on Sunday claimed that will win the on in the Supreme Court."There is no doubt of winning the legal battle on and will be constructed soon," he said.
The BJP leader also claimed that Muslim women voters voted for the party in 2014 Lok Sabha polls and they will do so in the coming 2019 polls.The Rajya Sabha  MP was addressing a congregation of workers of Mahamana Malviya Mission on the topic of Mahamana and Hindutva. 
He said the apex court will start hearing from coming July and the decision will be in the favour of Hindus. He advocated that Hindu should have a right to do puja at the Ram Janma Bhoomi.
  "The right to property, as was being advocated by the opposite party in the apex court, is a simple right in our constitution. But nobody can raise question or restrict belief of a community in offering puja," he said, while striking a chord with those attending the annual meeting of national committee of Mahamana Malviya Mission.
He invoked Baba Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar on this occasion, saying the Congress leaders did not like Dr Ambedkar due to his outright approach. He said there were a number of instances in the political history of the country, where Dr Ambedkar showed disagreement with Jawaharla Nehru and other leaders of his clique. 
"In Hinduism, there was no caste system. This was purely on the choice of profession by the people then. Congress put in a different way to take votes from people by dividing them," he alleged.
He said all those living in the country are Hindus. "All Hindustanis had similar DNA and like that all Muslims had also same DNA as Hindustanis had. The DNA shows the ancestors of Muslims were Hindus also. There is no difference between the DNA of people of different castes in our countries and so of Muslims. If there was a 'ghar vapsi', Hindu and Muslims can live together in the country,' he said.
Swami took a jive at Congress saying that the then congress leaders used to address Ambedkar without any respect while the addressed Nehru with great reverence. "Ambedkar was a high educated person in comparison to Nehru but the former was never given respect. This showed the mindset of Congress party leaders,' Swami said. He said Mahamana left the then Congress, the Swadeshi Congress while taking a jibe at present Congress Party terming it a Videshi Congress.
The BJP leader did not stop here and said the Congress Party was always against in conferring Bharat Ratna to Ambedkar and Patel. He criticized Nehru government and his policies and those who are carrying forward Nehru policies saying Nehru got self conferred with Bharat Ratna and this made the participants to laugh. 
He spoke at length about Mahamana's thought, his ideology and his foray in propagating Hinduism and uniting the society which was, as per his observation, dissected by the anti national thoughts. The BJP leader said the concept of Rashtra was above all, our personal interest, out choices, out religion, our caste and people should elect a government keeping in view the Rashtra as the major issue.
He said the union government had addressed the Triple Talaq issue and it will address the section 370 issue also sensing the participants' mood.Former BJP leader KN Govindacharya elaborated about creative volunteers effort in this fieldare doing a marvelous job in the field of Water Conservation, Forest Conservation, Animal Conservation and Land Conservation for which they are playing key role in the movement of above mentioned programs. He informed people about Samajik Samrasta of Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya and his thoughts about various people in the society.
The programme was conducted by Mission National Secretary and HAL Ex-Chief Manager Govind Agrawal and General Secretary, Lucknow RK Pandey delivered the vote of thanks.
  Prior to this, National President of Mahamana Malaviya Mission Girdhar Malaviya proposed the name of Prabhu Narayan Srivastava for the National President of the Mission in the National General Body meeting. His name was accepted unanimously.(UNI)