Home Minister Amit Shah is conspiring to kill the family members of Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal and Dy CM Manish Sisodia, alleges AAP spokesperson

Last Modified Thursday, 10 December 2020 (18:14 IST)
New Delhi:Senior Aam Aadmi Party leader and chief spokesperson Mr Saurabh Bhardwaj and MLA Ms Atishi on Thursday slammed the Bharatiya Janata Party for attacking the residence and family of Deputy Chief Minister Mr in his absence.

Mr Bhardwaj said that Home Minister Mr Amit Shah, with the support of Police, is conspiring to kill the of Delhi Chief Minister Mr and Deputy Chief Mr Minister Manish Sisodia. He said that on one side, CM Mr Arvind Kejriwal is under house arrest for the past several days and on the other hand, BJP members have attacked the house of Deputy Chief Minister when he was not at home today.

Mr Bhardwaj said that several attacks on Delhi Chief Minister Mr Arvind Kejriwal have taken place earlier and today the BJP goons attacked the family members of Deputy Chief Minister. He said that Delhi police officials who were responsible to protect the residence of the Deputy Chief Minister had prior information of the attack and intentionally removed the barricade so that the BJP supporters can enter his house. Adding to these statements, Ms Atishi said that this is the first time in the history of Indian politics, the goons of a particular political party (BJP) attack the family members of a sitting Deputy Chief Minister with the support of police. She said that Home Minister Mr is the only person who can direct the goons of BJP to attack the family of Delhi’s Dy CM and also the Delhi Police to support these goons.

She also said that the Home Minister planned this attack to take revenge on the Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi as the people of Delhi rejected the BJP in the last election. Ms Atishi said that the BJP has understood that in the upcoming MCD election also they will be defeated by the people, therefore, the BJP is trying to take revenge. Has the Home Minister of Indian stoop down to this level that he will send goons and police to kill the CM, Dy CM and leaders of the AAP? She said that today is a black day in Delhi’s politics, the people are witnessing how the BJP is trying to gain power through violence and the people will defeat the BJP in the upcoming MCD polls as they did in the assembly election.
Mr Bhardwaj said, "We have called this press conference to address a very serious matter. As you all must be aware of, before Delhi elections, our Chief Minister has been attacked multiple times. Each time BJP blamed these attacks on the citizens, claiming that they were miffed. That time, assaults were made on ministers. Today, there is an anarchical environment that BJP has created, that an elected Chief Minister is under house arrest. And in the absence of the Deputy Chief Minister, his family members were attacked by the violent criminals of the BJP government."
He said, "Home Minister Shri Amit Shah, through Delhi Police, is ready to inflict serious harm on the Deputy CMs family. The violent attack that was done today, has never been carried out at somebody's home, especially in the absence of the concerned person. The most surprising part, however, is that the police situated outside for safety purposes were already aware of the fact that BJP workers will be attacking. The barricades were removed, these attackers were given way, and allowed to enter the residential premises. This incident today happened under the superintendence of Delhi Police."
Ms Atishi said, "The incident that occurred today around 12 noon at the residence of Deputy Chief Minister, Mr Manish Sisodia, has never occurred in the political history of Delhi. Occurring under the observation of the police, BJP government workers launched an attack on the sitting Deputy Chief Minister’s family in his absence." 
She said, "Protests happen in offices, during visits, public dealings but never on the family. Especially at a time when the Hon'ble minister was not available. There is only one person who is capable of giving instructions to the Delhi Police to allow this to happen, and that is Home Minister Shri. Amit Shah. He is the one, who sent the delinquent to attack and deployed the Delhi Police for their protection."
She asked "Is Mr Amit Shah wanting to kill the Deputy Chief Minister's family that he launched such a violent attack? Is this a revenge that is being taken from Aam Aadmi Party and Hon’ble Chief Minister Mr Kejriwal, because BJP lost badly in the 2020 elections? Is this a revenge because Delhiites chose to elect Mr Kejriwal as their Chief Minister. Mr Amit Shah who is the political mastermind has realised that the fate of MCD elections will be the same as that of Vidhan Sabha elections."
Ms Atishi said, "This irrational behaviour is quite evident in his daily actions. Recently he forced the Hon’ble Chief Minister under house arrest. Nobody could meet him. Delhi police didn’t do anything to remove the protesters sitting there, but they had the power to stop 400 people from meeting the CM. Not even a single barricade was removed. Sitting MLA Akhilesh Pati Tripathi was attacked brutally, but they did not touch BJP workers."
She said, "Mr Amit Shah has fallen to new lows, so much so that he has resorted to attacking family members, because on one hand he has his supporters and on the other hand he has Delhi Police, who had clear instructions to allow these attackers to enter the premises. If they wanted they could have been stopped, but Delhi Police personnel chose to remain on the sidelines. These protesters were halted by the officers at Deputy CMs camp office, and the civil defence staff present there who then forced them out."
She said, "Today is a black day in Delhi’s political state. Political differences are viable, questions are raised on strategies, performances and this is acceptable in a democracy. But attacking the families based on those political differences is not called for. Delhiites are well aware of the cheap tactics that BJP used in the 2020 elections, from abuses to attacks. It is very evident from today’s incident that all the earlier ones too would have been orchestrated by Shri. Amit Shah. In the coming MCD elections, I am sure that the Delhiites will teach BJP ministers a tough lesson as they did in the 2020 elections."