Rescue operation of Indian army saves life of 291 labourers during an avalanche in Uttarakhand

Last Modified Saturday, 24 April 2021 (10:16 IST)
At around 1600 hours on 23 April 2021, an hit a location about 4 km ahead of on Sumna - Rimkhim road in Uttarakhand. This is on - Malari- - Sumna- Rimkhim axis.
A BRO detachment and two labour camps exist nearby for road construction work along this axis. An Army camp is located 3 Km from Sumna ( approximately 1 Km short of  BRO Sumna Det).The area has experienced heavy rains and snow since last 5 days and still continuing.
Rescue operations were launched by the immediately. 291 labourers have been safely rescued and are now at the Army camp. Rescue operations to locate other labourers at both the camps are continuing. Two bodies have been recovered so far.
The road access is cut off at 4 to 5 locations due to multiple land slides. BRTF teams from Joshimath are working to clear slides enroute from Bhapkund to Sumna since last evening. It is expected to take another 6 to 8 hours to clear this complete axis.