India’s Covid-19 cases near 40,000-mark, 1301 deaths, 10632 cured

Last Updated: Sunday, 3 May 2020 (13:49 IST)
New Delhi: With the number of confirmed cases being reported in a single day going to a new high, the Novel (COVID-19) tally in India stood just 20 short of 40,000-mark with the figure now at 39980, the Health Ministry said on Sunday.

Covid-19 cases near 40,000-mark, 1301 deaths, 10632 cured" width="740" />
According to the Ministry’s update, there were 2644 positive cases and 83 casualties, highest so far in a day’s time, in the past 24 hours.
The fatalities across the nation have now mounted to 1301, the data said.
Active cases of Covid-19 in the country at present reached to 28046.
The number of recovered cases across the country have also witnessed slight improvement since 24 hours and are now 10632 at present, the health ministry update said.
The recovery rate as on Saturday was 26.65 per cent, the government said.
Maharashtra continues to remain the worst affected state with 12296 cases and fatalities mounting to 521, followed by neighbouring Gujarat with 5054 cases and 262 fatalities reported so far.
National Capital stands in third position in terms of the maximum cases of the contagious pathogen now housing 4122 cases with a total of 64 fatalities so far, while the number in Madhya Pradesh at present is 2846 with 151 deaths.
Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh are having 2770, 2757, and 2487 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus respectively. (UNI)