Jaipur Golden Hospital, where 20 patients died 2 days ago, now has Oxygen supply that will last till 6 pm

Last Updated: Sunday, 25 April 2021 (13:06 IST)
New Delhi: Delhi’s has stopped admitting patients due to the severe shortage of oxygen gas which it said will last till 1800 hrs, Sunday.

“We received Oxygen last night in response to our SOS. But this will only last till around 6pm today,” the Hospital said adding that currently 164 patients are on oxygen support.
The hospital faced a similar situation on Saturday night bringing everyone’s attention to a possible impending that it said would have affected 200 lives if the liquid medical oxygen was not supplied to it immediately.
At least 20 critical COVID infected patients died on Friday night at this private hospital in Rohini due to an alleged shortage of life-saving oxygen gas. (UNI)