2 female JNU students and Pinjra Tod activists arrested in Delhi riot case

Last Modified Monday, 25 May 2020 (12:20 IST)
New Delhi:The Jawaharlal Nehru University Teachers Association (JNUTA) demanded release of two women students of the varisty - and Natasha Agarwal, who were arrested by the Delhi Police during the lockdown on Saturday, in a case of violence in North East Delhi, which took place early this year. (Pic- Twitter)
A joint statement by president D K Lobiyal and Secretary Sujit Mazumdar said that Delhi police had arrested the two students amid a stressful situation the COVID-19 pandemic.
Violence took place between February 23 and 26 in North East Delhi between supporters of the Citizenship Amendment Act and those opposing it, killing more than 50 people and injuring hundreds.
The JNUTA accused the Delhi Police of becoming a mute spectator in the North East Delhi riots, failing to control them and arresting the students under false charges.
The teachers body said that police targeted  those who were from a particular community and the ones, who were protesting in a democratic manner.They said police had a similar approach in the violence, when some outsiders allegedly entered the campus and got involved in activities of violence.
The teachers body further said that during the times, when the country was going through a pandemic, arresting such students over false charges was condemnable and further said that both the students should be released soon and the cases be taken back.(UNI)