Kanhaiya hits out at BJP over Bharat Ratna row

Last Updated: Friday, 18 October 2019 (11:52 IST)
Aurangabad: CPI leader has opined
that if the government honour Vinayak Savarkar with award then they should not recommend the "same award" to martyr Bhagat Singh.
The former student leader who was in the city last night addressing to election rally here at Aamkhas Maidan in support of party nominee Adv Abhay Taksal from Aurangabad central constituency.
He further said that, BJP who was published their 'Sankalp Patra' in which they mentioned that they will recommend to honour Bharat Ratna to Savarkar is an 'insult' of Martyr Bhagat Singh who was sacrificed his life for country and Savarkar who had 'apologise' to British.
Communist party who had participated in Mukthisangram for independence to Marathwada region from the clutches of the Nizam's rule will always fought for the cause of peoples' issues.
In Aurangabad,  casteism politics has been gone up and such situation can oppose only by the Left wing and they are contesting  from here on 35 various issues, he said.
Ruling party only talking the issue of article 370 and sidelined number of basic issues and problems including farmers, unemployment,road,water scarcity among others.
He also appealed to voters do not vote on the name of caste and religion and not fall in the false promises and vote as responsible citizen to fair candidate, he added.
Com Ram Bharti,Asfaq Salami, Manohar Takala among others were present on the campaign.(UNI)