Kejriwal government is providing oxygen to hospitals instantly through SOS calls

Last Updated: Saturday, 8 May 2021 (12:54 IST)
New Delhi: The Kejriwal government is delivering oxygen to hospitals instantly through calls. The government has managed to end the respiratory crisis with better management of oxygen. The steps taken by the Kejriwal government during the Corona pandemic have brought relief to hospitals from the oxygen problem. Kejriwal government’s ministers, MLAs, officers are moving ahead and helping people by putting their own lives at risk. So that people of Delhi do not have to face the difficulties, the officers and employees of Delhi Government are working day and night.

During the pandemic, several steps have been taken by the Delhi government to address the oxygen problem. These steps have brought a lot of relief to hospitals. Due to the immediate supply of oxygen to hospitals in emergency situations by the Delhi government, a number of lives have been saved because if timely intervention of Team Kejriwal.
Delhi government officials received an SOS call from Indian Spinal Hospital at 2:30 pm on Thursday. In this urgent call, immediate oxygen was demanded. One metric tonne of oxygen was provided to the hospital immediately from the oxygen response point created by the Delhi government. Another SOS call was received from Lok Nayak Hospital at 12 noon. The hospital’s oxygen demand was met without delay and two metric tonnes of oxygen was made available to them.
Similarly, Irene Hospital in Kalkaji asked for oxygen at around 4.30 pm. By sending 3 cylinders on behalf of the Kejriwal government, the was overcome by team Kejriwal. Similarly, Kukreja Hospital called SOS at 10.05 am and asked for immediate oxygen. In such a situation, three cylinders were taken from the Rajghat depot to the hospital.
The Kejriwal government and all the officials are going ahead and supporting the people in these difficult times, by putting their own lives at risk. The Kejriwal government is living up to the public’s trust. The officers and employees of Delhi Government are working day and night for the people of Delhi so that they don’t have to face any difficulty.