Lioness that attacked Shepherd in Gir found dead

Last Modified Wednesday, 20 November 2019 (13:20 IST)
Junagadh: The body of a lioness, which had injured a Maldhari (member of cattle rearing community that lives inside forests) in of eastern part of three days ago was found dead on Wednesday morning. 
CCF said that around a 9 to 12 years old lioness was found dead near Bhimchas bridge nehru in the sanctuary area of Jasadhar range and Tulsishyam round of the forests.
"ACF, Both RFOs and vaternary doctors saw the body but nothing suspicious was observed. However it looks like it is the same lioness which attacked the maaldhari Kalu Mori (35) of Dodhi ness on Sunday," he said.
"Doctors have collected required samples during postmortem to identify the exact cause of death," the CCF said.
"Detailed investigation would be done if any foul play was found as the reason of the death of the beast," another forest official added.(UNI)