Literacy rate in minorities is a matter of concern: Naqvi

Last Modified Saturday, 17 February 2018 (17:58 IST)
Mumbai: on Saturday said strong nationalistic will power, transparency, honesty and hard work of Prime Minister has proved that country's progress and prosperity can be ensured even in a difficult atmosphere. 

Addressing a women training programme, organised by Maharashtra BJP Minority Morcha here, Mr Naqvi said that "champions of corruption" are unable to digest the atmosphere of trust and development. The is leading such people who are trying to disturb the atmosphere of progress and prosperity created by the Modi government. 

The Modi Government has ensured atmosphere of "inclusive growth" in the country. This atmosphere of development is against the culture of "champions of secularism" who had been following the policy of "political exploitation", he said. The among the Minorities, especially is much below than the national average literacy rate which is a matter of concern, he said, adding that the government has started a strong campaign for educational empowerment of to fill this gap.

He expressed concern, saying that school dropout rate among Muslim girls, which is more than 72 per cent. To change the situation, the Modi Government has focused on educational empowerment of Muslim girls. (UNI)