Man deposits Rs 9,199 house tax in coins to teach authorities a lesson

Last Modified Thursday, 25 June 2020 (19:34 IST)
Hisar: Irked by circling the city council office repeatedly for past 10 months, a young man named Sunil Kumar deposited Rs 9,199 in to pay a two-year here in Fatehabad in in a bid to teach a lesson.
He said that he had repeatedly requested the municipal authorities that they carry out the assessment of his sister-in-law's house which is located on Ashram Road. "Despite my numerous visits to the office in the last 10 months, nothing was done so far, although the authorities had ensured me to do the needful," Mr Kumar added.
Sunil said that he had filed a house tax of 80 thousand rupees, but received a reply from the city council that the house tax of Rs 9,199 is still outstanding and assessment will not be given until this amount is filed.
Therefore, on Thursday he decided to deposit the said amount in coins. "I reached the city council office at eight o'clock in the morning," Mr Kumar, who arranged the money from his shop, said. "My only motive was to tell the employees that no one should be harassed without any reason," he added. 
City Council Head Clerk Jagdish Kumar said that the assessment of a house is given only after the entire house tax is collected. "The house tax in Manisha's name was not deposited, so paperwork could not be completed, he said," adding he did not refuse to take the deposit in coins and made the employees count them, which took about four hours.(UNI)