Modi blasts Pakistan,Trump pledges to fight Islamic terrorism

Last Modified Monday, 23 September 2019 (11:07 IST)
Houston:Opening a new vista in Indo-US bilateral relationship, Prime Minister and US President on Sunday shared stage and walked for about 10 minutes hand in hand at the sprawling NRG stadium here after both the leaders made a strong pitch for fight against 'radical Islamic terrorism'.
Prime Minister Modi lashed out at Pakistan for pursuing a policy of hatred against India while President Trump said ''We are committed to protecting innocent civilians from the threat of radical Islamic terrorism''.
In fact, Mr Trump's remarks drew a 50,000 strong capacity crowd of Indian Americans and US lawmakers stand up in approval.
''We are together to safeguard our freedom we stand proudly in defence of liberty,'' President Trump said and the gesture was appreciated by Prime Minister Modi in his address when he said President Trump is true friend of India in White House and stands firmly in fight against terrorism.

Without naming Pakistan, Mr Modi said, ''Some people have make it a habit to pursue hatred against India as the nucleus of their politics.''
''There are the same people who thrive in violence and trouble and are sponsors of terrorism...They nurture terrorism and the entire world knows their identity,'' the Prime Minister said amid strong applause from the crowd which has gathered for a rare historic occasion.
It was for the first time that an incumbent US president has shared the stage and addressed a public rally with a foreign leader.
The Prime Minister said whether it is 9/11 in America or Mumbai terror attack of 26/11 in India, ''everybody knows where the conspirators of these terror activities are found''.
''Time has come to fight terrorism and also take decisive steps against those who support terrorism,'' Mr Modi said and added ''I would like to emphasise that President Trump is firmly with us in this fight''.
Addressing the 'Howdy Modi' gala event here, Mr Modi referred to his government's decision to abrogate to Article 370 and said the new measure will ensure equality and development in Jammu and Kashmir.
''This was an internal matter of India but it has disturbed those people who cannot run their own country.Prime Minister Modi invited President Trump to visit India.(UNI)