Mother of Keralite IS girl urges Centre to bring back her from Kabul jail

Last Modified Wednesday, 8 January 2020 (13:13 IST)
Thiruvananthapuram:The mother of 29-year-old (Fathima), an (IS) supporter who is currently lodged in a jail in Kabul after leaving for Syria along with her husband and their child, has urged the Centre to bring back her daughter.Ms Nimisha was lodged in a jail in Kabul along with nine other Indian widows who left the country to fight for IS.
Ms Bindu Sampath, mother of the IS girl, said the identity of her daughter, who was surrendered along with a group in Afghanistan, was confirmed a month ago.She said she was contacted by the Central agency for the verification of her daughter's family.  Nimisha and her husband fled to Syria to join the Islamic State when she was pregnant in 2016.
Earlier, Bindu Sampath had alleged that her daughter was converted to Islam as part of 'love jihad' and left Kerala under the pretext of going to Sri Lanka for religious studies.
The surrendered group of IS fighters are now in the custody of law enforcement in Khorasan province.(UNI)