Nitish urges for immediate ban on 18+ sites,writes letter to PM

Last Updated: Tuesday, 17 December 2019 (17:59 IST)
Patna:Amid growing incidents of rape and consequent killings across the country, Chief Minister today urged Prime Minister for immediate ban on porn sites and other inappropriate visuals and scripts available on various websites, saying such materials were polluting minds of young generation that often lead to cruelties and sexual offences against women.
Mr Kumar, in a letter to Prime Minister Mr Modi, pointed out that crimes against women particularly sexual offences and killings by resorting to cruel modus operandis, had increased sharply in various parts across the country in past few weeks. It was really a matter of great concern for a healthy and civilised society, he noted.
The Chief Minister said that minds of younger generation were getting polluted due to obscene visuals and scripts available on various porn sites. In the age of younger generation using internet facilities, such materials were easily available for them which often lead to heinous crimes particularly against younger women and girls, he felt.
Mr Kumar said that Information Technology (IT) Act 2000 and its amended version enacted in the year 2008, had some provisions to deal with such problems due to availability of inappropriate materials on various websites. Time had come to take concrete and effective steps to ban all obscene and inappropriate materials available on porn sites, he said adding that it would help in curbing incidents that had rocked the nation in past few weeks.(UNI)