No harm in allowing private trains to operate on Railway track: Piyush Goyal

Last Updated: Friday, 19 March 2021 (18:28 IST)
New Delhi: Noting that modern train was the need of the day, Railway Minister on Friday said that there is no harm in getting operated on the Rail Ministry track.

Citing an example that if a road is built, then everyone uses it, similarly if a pipeline is built by GAIL and they only use it, it will be misused, he said, “Similarly, if new rail tracks are laid and private people are invited and encouraged to operate there, it will be run by loco pilots, there will be caterers, so it will generate employment and not lead to job losses”.
The Minister also said that the Ministry has identified seven routes dedicated to semi high speed passenger corridors. “We have been talking to State governments for better operation of the trains with modern amenities. The Uttar Pradesh Government has been cooperating on Delhi-Varanasi route, mostly elevated along the highways”.
Responding to a question asked by Congress Member Jairam Ramesh on Railway’s privatization, Mr Goyal said “When you privatise, you sell off the assets permanently, but our plan is to monetise in terms of how it will generate resources, further investment and growth, the infrastructure of Indian Railways.
“Railway will never be privatised, dedicated freight corridor is a separate corporate entity, railway is supporting them, railways does own the tracks, if we raise funds by giving them out to private sector for use, we are doing a service for the nation, that will give us money”, he added. (UNI)