No Iftar Party at Rashtrapati Bhavan in keeping with principles of secular state

Last Modified Thursday, 7 June 2018 (13:05 IST)
New Delhi: The will not host an this year with President Ram Nath Kovind stating that it being a pubic building there will be no religious observances at taxpayers expense. This is in keeping with the principles of a and applies to all festivities, irrespective of religion.
Tweeting this late Wednesday, President's Press Secretary Ashok Malik said, "After the President took office in July 2017, he directed that Rashtrapati Bhavan being a public building, there would be no religious observances at taxpayer expense....Of course the President wishes all fellow citizens on all major religious festivals. Officials and employees living in the President's Estate premises are absolutely free to celebrate any religious festival of their choice in the privacy of their homes.''
"President's Estate has religious institutions, such as a temple, a gurudwara and a masjid, erected by and for residents. On major festive occasions, the President does visit these to wish people. For example, he recently visited the masjid to mark the holy month of Ramzan,'' he added.(UNI)