Non subsidized LPG cylinder expensive by Rs 144.50

Last Updated: Wednesday, 12 February 2020 (16:28 IST)
New Delhi:
A day after declaration of results of the Delhi Assembly elections, the price of  (LPG) cylinders in the country was increased by about Rs 144 on Wednesday.This is the sixth hike in as many months.
According to Indian Oil Corporation, the country's largest oil marketing company, the 14.2-kg domestic has become costlier by Rs 144.50 from today. The cylinder is now priced at Rs 858.50. Earlier it was Rs 714. The (GST) has been increased in subsidized cylinders as well.
Normally, the change in prices of LPG is done from the first date of the month, but this time this change has been made from February 12. Experts say that due to the Delhi Assembly elections this month, the hike in prices was delayed.
In Kolkata, the price of non-subsidized LPG cylinders rose by Rs 149 to Rs 747, in Mumbai by Rs 145 to Rs 684.50 and in Chennai by Rs 147 to Rs 734.
retailers sell LPG cylinders at the market price but the government subsidises 12 cylinders for each household per year by providing direct subsidy.(UNI)