Oppn has given walkover to BJP in UP civic polls: Yogi

Last Modified Monday, 20 November 2017 (12:08 IST)
Lucknow: Claiming that the meeting with Art of Living founder Sri Sri Ravishankar was just for curtsy and a little time for any amicable solution except for the court verdict on the Ayodhya issue, Uttar Pradesh chief minister on Monday said that the opposition has given walkover to the in the state civic polls.

"Our opponents have already left the municipal elections battle, they are just tweeting from home", Yogi commented on without taking his name.He also alleged that the claims that all the projects being inaugurated by the BJP government were of Akhilesh Yadav's regime." The previous SP government had left most of the projects incomplete and it was BJP which completed it in a record 6 months time. If SP was in power then these projects would have required 6 years to be completed," he added.

Mr Yogi, who was attending a function of a private news channel in the state capital on Monday morning, said his meeting with Sri Sri was just a curtsy one and it had nothing to do with Ayodhya issue."Sri Sri is not a party in the Ayodhya issue and he did not came forward in the past to solve the issue. When Supreme Court has fixed the date for the commencement of the day to day hearing, hence now there is no question of any out-of-court settlement. But still everyone has the right to say what they think about the issue," he said.

Claiming that in last few months there has been improvement in Law and Order situation in UP, the CM said now L&O is not an issue in the state. " But we have promised to give security to every citizen of the state and we will abide by our words. None would be spared who try to take law in the hand," he stated.

Claiming that BJP will get a landslide victory in the Gujarat assembly polls next month, Yogi commenting on Congress vice- president Rahul Gandhi said that now the leader too is in search of solace and visiting temples in Gujarat." UPA government in the past had given an affidavit that Lord Ram and Krishna are imaginary personalities but now their leader are worshipping them."

He further castigated that Congress' Rahul Gandhi visits temples, but the fact is he doesn't even know how to sit there. The CM gave the example of Rahul Gandhi's visit to Varanasi where the priest corrected his sitting position in the temple.The CM reacting on the controversy leading to dispute over the Bollywood film Padmavati, said that people should not distort history for their own benefit. " UP government has already informed the Central government on the film," he said. (UNI)