PM launches Fit India Movement on National Sports Day

Last Modified Thursday, 29 August 2019 (16:02 IST)
New Delhi:Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday launched aimed at encouraging people to inculcate physical activity and in their everyday lives.
Speaking at the launch of the movement at the Indira Gandhi Indoor stadium, the PM said, ''Sports is directly related to fitness. But the Fit India Movement that has started today has expanded beyond sports. Fitness is not just a word, it is a key requirement of a healthy and happy life.''
The PM said that the aim of the movement is to inspire people of the country to make changes to cure lifestyle disorders.
''Lifestyle diseases are happening due to lifestyle disorders. Lifestyle disorders can be cured by making lifestyle changes. There are diseases that can be overcome by making small changes in your lifestyle. The name Fit India Movement is to inspire the country for these changes ,'' Mr Modi said.
Giving an example of how times have changed, the PM said, ''Till a few decades ago, a normal person used to walk 8-10 kilometers in a day. Then gradually technology changed, modern means came and people reduced their walking habit. What is the situation now? Technology has made us walk less now and the same technology tells us by number that today you walked so many steps, 5 thousand steps have not been done yet, 2 thousand steps have not been done, let's go now.''
Remembering Major Dhyan Chand he said, ''My wishes to you all on National Sports Day. It was on this day that India got a sports star like Major Dhyan Chand who left the world spell-bound."
"Today is also the day to congratulate our young players, who are constantly giving new glory to the glory of the tricolour on the world stage. Be it Badminton, Tennis, Athletics, Boxing, Wrestling or other sports, our players are giving new wings to our expectations and aspirations. The medals won by them is the result of his austerity and austerity, it is also a measure of new India's new passion and new confidence,'' the PM said. 
The PM said that the Fit India movement was not a government movement. 
''Fitness mission not a government movement. The government only aims to act as a catalyst. The government has started the Fit India Movement, but all of you have to lead it. The people of the country will carry forward this campaign and will take it to the height of success. I can say from my personal experiences that there is zero Investment in it, but the returns are unlimited," the PM said. 
Speaking at the launch of the fitness movement, Union Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju said, ''This is the first time a fitness movement is being launched with the participation of everyone.''
The nationwide campaign aims to encourage people to inculcate physical activity and sports in their everyday lives.
The University Grant Commission has issued a letter to inform the universities to prepare for the Fit India Movement.
A committee comprising government officials, members of Indian Olympic Association (IOA), national sports federations, private bodies and fitness promoters was also formed to advise the government on the Fit India Movement.
The 28-member committee, under the chairmanship of the Sports Minister, has 12 members from the government, including secretaries of Sports, Secondary Education, Ayush, Youth Affairs, among others.(UNI)