PM Modi slammed audio-tape conversation saying Didi's 'protests have crossed a dangerous limit of vengeance'

Last Modified Saturday, 17 April 2021 (17:12 IST)
Asansol:Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday slammed TMC supremo Mamata Banejree's leaked audio-tape conversations, in which she allegedly had planned to take out rally with dead bodies of Sitalkuchi, and said her politics was not limited to just "protests, but it has crossed a dangerous limit of vengeance".
Addressing a BJP's electioneering in this industrial town West Burdwan, Mr Modi alleged the chief minister not only questioned the action of the Indian Army but she also on several occasions criticising the central armed forces on polling duty.
Mr Modi said " Didi's opposition to each and every development schemes has stood like wall between West Bengal's people and central welfare schemes," He, however, said the wait of the people for a good governance was becoming narrow as they have already voted four phases and the 5th phase was in progress with heavy turn out today for an imminent chave for "asol poriborton".
" On May 2 the people of Bengal will give Didi a certificate of ex-chief minister and she will carry it forever in her life,"Mr Modi said referring to May 2 when the results of all 294 assembly seats will be out. The Prime Minister also slammed Banerjee for skipping several meetings
called by the Centre to discuss many key issues.
"The Central government has convened meetings to discuss several topics many times, but didi does not attend these meetings citing some or the other reason," the PM alleged. Mr Modi reiterated that the TMC chief's politics was not limited to just "protests, but it has crossed a dangerous limit of vengeance".
He said " TMC was broken after four phases of polls, `Didi' and `Bhatija' will be vanquished by end of elections," he said. Prime Minister Narendra Modi West Bengal needed a “double engine government, not the one that halts development but a government to carry forward the development' >
He assured that “The BJP government of Bengal will implement every scheme that benefits you, which was stopped by didi's government.”Describing Asansol as Mini India he said ' This region has the potential to become the industrial centre of India for a long time.

From cycle to rail, from paper to steel, from aluminium to glass - people come from all across India to work in these factories. People used to come here for employment but today people from here are migrating. Didi, who speaks of Ma Mati Manush,has spread 'mafia raj' here,”.
He said "TMC was broken after four phases of polls, `Didi' and `Bhatija' willbe vanquished by the end of West Bengal elections,".(UNI)