Police complaint against school teacher for praise worthy examples of Pakistan during online classes

Last Modified Tuesday, 26 May 2020 (17:04 IST)
Gorakhpur:A police complaint has been lodged against a lady teacher of a prominent school in the city on parents' complaint that she was promoting during her online classes.
The matter came to notice on Saturday last, after the parents of class 4-A of the prominent complained that the teacher was promoting Pakistan by giving its examples while teaching grammar and even posting those on WhatsApp group of the students.
The teacher was teaching Noun and gave examples like ''Pakistan is our favourite mother nation''.  ''I will join Pakistan army'' and "Rashid  Minhad was a brave soldier."  Infuriated over it,  a  couple of parents took screen shots of the Whatsapp  note and made it viral on the social media forcing the school management to serve a notice to the teacher and lodge a police complaint.
Sensing the gravity of the matter, the accused teacher tendered a written apology  to the police on Monday accepting her mistake and assuring that it will not be repeated.
The school management had lodged a police complaint against the teacher after several parents approached them. Police had summoned the teacher on Monday to give her statement.
Police Circle Officer(CO)  Praveen Singh said that  prima facie it seems that there was no ill intention of the teacher and besides she has given written apology by accepting her fault and assuring not to repeat it in future.
School Management said that  school only allows NCERT syllabus  and such examples given by the teacher was mischievous and derogatory.(UNI)