Rahul Gandhi addresses meeting amid political crisis in Puducherry

Last Modified Wednesday, 17 February 2021 (21:13 IST)
Puducherry:Former AICC president MP on Wednesday advised the people of that their votes should determine the future of Puducherry and it should be decided by them.
Addressing a public meeting here on Wednesday evening, Mr Gandhi said that Lt.Governor from some other place should not determine the future of Puducherry and it should be decided by the people of Puducherry. He also said that the government of India should stop trying to create a bad future of Puducherry. He also assured that when come to power at the Centre, it will not allow anybody from other states to decide the future of Puducherry. Stating that Puducherry got a separate culture and heritage Mr.Gandhi said that the different culture and traditions in the country makes it strong.
In the Congress party, it does not matter how many people speak a language, share a tradition or history. Puducherry might be small but it is important as any other states in the country, he added. Puducherry does not belong to someone outside Puducherry and it is not a personal property of anybody.
He said for the last five years Puducherry had an elected government and charged that all along the five years the Prime Minister has not allowed the government here to function. The PM had personally insulted the votes of the people here through the office of the Lt.Governor, he charged.(UNI)