Shivlings, pillars, Kalash unearthed from Janambhoomi in Ayodhya

Last Updated: Thursday, 21 May 2020 (13:53 IST)
Ayodhya:The authorities have dug out several rare artefacts of importance, including Shivlings, pillars, and other items, reported to be the remains of the ancient Ram temple, during levelling of the area and removal of debris at the Ram Janambhoomi land for construction of a grand Ram temple, as permitted by the Supreme Court.
''During the works done by labourers and use of machines, we have discovered in the debris of the structure and carving on sandstone. We found a Shivling there and a similar one at Kuber Teela," confirmed Champat Rai, General Secretary, Sri Ram Tirth Kshetra Trust, here on Thursday.
He further said that these items were discovered during the removal of debris during land levelling at Ram Janambhoomi, which was going on for the past 10 days.
The items discovered during the work include a five-feet tall extensively carved Shivling, seven black stone pillars, six red stone pillars, along with several broken idols of different Gods and Goddess.
Mr Rai said that all the items discovered would be kept in the museum, to be constructed along with the Ram temple.
Meanwhile, the work of levelling of the ground was underway at a slow pace during the lockdown, under strict social distancing.
Three JCBs, one crane, two tractor trolleys, along with 10 labourers were working at the site since May 11, to clear the debris, along with levelling the ground, he added.(UNI)