Rs 455 cr allocated to JNU for new academic building and hostel

Last Modified Thursday, 6 August 2020 (12:12 IST)
New Delhi:(JNU) has received a loan of Rs 455 crore for the new academic building, hostels, research centres and installation of an integrated and unified Enterprise Resource Planning System.
The loan has been allocated through the (HEFA). In the past, few new special centres and schools have been opened in JNU. Given this, there was a great need for hostels for the students in the campus.
"The funds allotted by shall be utilised for the construction of hostels for students and researchers of School of Engineering and Atal Bihari Vajpayee School of Management & Entrepreneurship, Trans-Disciplinary Academic Research, Advanced Animal Research Facility," Vice-Chancellor Jagadesh Kumar said in a statement.
The Advanced Instrumentation Research Facility, incubation centre for start-up companies, special care centre for E-learning and a lecture hall complex will also be set up.
According to the statement, the unified and integrated Enterprise Resource Planning system will help in ensuring that all academic and administrative processes can be conducted online in an integrated manner.
The Special Centre for E-learning would benefit approximately 1.1 lakh candidates on an average who fail to secure admission at the university every year.According to a release issued here today, Atal Incubation Centre is also open in JNU and three companies are also working for it. A target of 100 companies has been set for this project.
Mr Kumar has said the HIFA funds will be used to build hostels for students and researchers of 
Atal Bihari Vajpayee School of Management and Entrepreneurship, Academic Building Incubation Centre for School of Engineering and Developed Animal Research Centre building construction will start soon.
Every year about 1,30,000 students appear for admission tests in JNU while only 2,000 students are admitted. In view of this, the university has also set up an e-learning special centre through which online degrees will be given to those students who could not be admitted. They will be taught by JNU teachers.(UNI)