Siddaramaiah makes 'U' turn, say he referred to hindtuva terrorism

Last Modified Friday, 12 January 2018 (06:27 IST)
Mysuru: Making a sudden 'U' turn on his statement of terming BJP and as terrorists, on Thursday clarified that he was referring to Hindtuva Terrorism. Speaking to mediapersons at Mandakali Airport, Mr Siddaramaiah said "What I said is BJP and RSS are spreading Hindutva terrorism for political gains. In my opinion, whoever spread hate and incites violence is a terrorist." 

He said, "Even I am a Hindu, but have not used it for political gains. They have started Hindutva, but my is one with a humane face and their is one devoid of it. That is the difference between us and the BJP".He lashed out at the BJP and questioned their contribution to the socio-economic development of the Dalits and the other socially backward sections of the Society.

Questioning who does politics on a death house, he alleged that communal forces are responsible for the recent unrest and violence in Dakshna Kannada and Costal belt. Is it not the act of terrorist.The Chief Minister’s yesterday statement led to a strong criticism and BJP had launched an all-out attack on the Congress calling it a party that patronises terrorism and harbours extremist elements.(UNI)