What! Kendriya Vidyalaya’s morning prayers propagate Hinduism

Last Updated: Wednesday, 10 January 2018 (18:14 IST)
New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Wednesday issued notice to the Centre on a Public Interest Litigation questioning why certain prayers in Kendriya Vidyalayas be allowed as government aided schools cannot propagate any particular religion. Pallavi Sharma, lawyer appearing for the petitioner, alleged that school prayers in Kendriya Vidyalayas propagate Hindu religion and should not be allowed as the educational institutions are run by the Government.

The three-judge bench, headed by Dipak Misra, said it would examine the petitioner's claim that the prayers promote a particular religion"It is an important issue," the apex court observed while issuing notices to Centre and management after hearing the PIL.The PIL had questioned whether a governmentt-aided institution can promote a particular religion.It asserts that students, who are atheists and belong to the minority community, are compelled to recite Sanskrit shloka-Asto Ma Sadgamay-and other prayers.(UNI)