Woman withdraws rape complaint against Maharashtra Minister Dhananjay Munde

Last Updated: Friday, 22 January 2021 (12:53 IST)
Mumbai: A woman, who had accused Social Justice of rape, has withdrawn her complaint.

Ms Renu Sharma had lodged a complaint on January 20 in Mumbai accusing Munde of raping her.
“I am withdrawing the case for family reasons,” Ms Sharma told police.
It is also understood that the police has taken an affidavit from the complainant to ensure that she does not change her stance later.
Meanwhile, the allegations had created a flutter in political circles with the BJP taking an aggressive stance against Mr Munde and demanded his resignation. But the Minister dismissed the charges and accused Sharma of blackmailing him.
NCP president and MP Sharad Chandraji Pawar had said that it is not appropriate to come to a conclusion without verifying the truth in this case. (UNI)