In a B'luru kind of incident, AP Govt withdraw cases on rioters

Last Modified Friday, 14 August 2020 (15:56 IST)
Vijayawada: BJP Unit President Somu Veerraju
on Friday took exception to the decision taken by the  government over withdrawing criminal cases against some Muslim youth, who were involved in the attack on a police station in Guntur and warned that such acts might lead to happening of type riots in the state too.
Taking to micro-blogging site  twitter on Friday, he  cautioned that 'if the government withdraws criminal cases against  the youth on political grounds it may lead to happening Bangalore type of riots here also'. 
Mr Veerraju said  when the misdeeds of the then Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu were questioned, cases were registered against some people belonging to the minority community in Guntur. In protest against that, they attacked a police station.
"The withdrawal cases against the accused involved in the attack on a police station in Guntur may give more opportunities to the anti-social elements. The withdrawal of cases against the youth is reflecting the opportunistic politics of the state government", he flayed.
He said all are equal before the law. However, the government's decision to withdraw cases against some accused is mockery of  law.
"Here it is not a question whether the accused are minorities or Hindus. But you are giving communal colour to the incident", the BJP state president maintained.  
Mr Veerraju said "If the government wants to protect the sentiments of only some people, that will cause to hurt the sentiments of others", he opined.
He attached a clipping of National English daily which said "Andhra Pradesh government withdraws prosecution of Muslim youth in Guntur police station attack case".(UNI)