Zero bill for households consuming up to 200 units in Delhi

Last Modified Thursday, 1 August 2019 (13:14 IST)
New Delhi: A day after the Electricity Regulatory Commission (DERC) had made a huge reduction in the load fixed charges, Chief Minister on Thursday announced that those in the national capital, who consume up to 200 units of electricity, need not pay their electricity bills and they would get a zero electricity bill.
Addressing the mediapersons, Mr Kejriwal said, ''All Delhi households consuming 200 units or less power will now get a every month''.
''If a household uses more than 200 units, then existing rates will apply. This will encourage people to consumer less power and conserve energy. Between 201-400, the existing 'Half Bill' introduced in 2015 will continue'', he said.
''Since independence, VIPs - politicians and officers have been provided free electricity and water from taxpayers' money. Now the aam aadmi will also get basic services free, as a matter of right'',  the CM said.
''Electricity bills in Delhi are now the lowest in the country for 200 units as well as 400 units consumption. Delhi is the only state to provide Lifeline Electricity to citizens'', he said.
"How many people in Delhi consume 200 units of power or less? A whopping 32 lakh or 2/3rd of all households will now get Zero Bill starting next month," he said.
Deputy CM Manish Sisodia on Wednesday had said that for the fifth year in a row, the electricity bills of residents of Delhi have not been allowed to increase.(UNI)