Bride who fainted during the farewell & never came back into senses was COVID +ve

Last Updated: Thursday, 4 March 2021 (23:44 IST)
A Daughter left her parents and was all set for a grand entrance in her in-laws' home with new expectations, but destiny had different plans.

Her dreams went in vain as she fainted and never came back into her senses. This tragic story has been reported from the area of where the jubilation turned into mourning within few minutes.
After the marriage, the parents and relatives were giving a send-off to the girl with teary-eyed. Suddenly the bride fainted and chaos was created. She was taken to the hospital in Ambulance where she was declared brought dead by the medicos. After the COVID test of the deceased, it was revealed that she was infected with the novel coronavirus.
She was feverish during the marriage
The resident of the Gotri area and Himanshu Shukla, resident of Krishna township were couples. The duo also received a nod for love marriage from parents. The wedding was organized on the 1st of march and during the bride's farewell, an unfortunate incident occurred. 
According to the sources, She was suffering from a high fever on the day of her marriage. The doctor prescribed her a few medicines and advised her to rest. This was the reason her farewell was planned two days after the marriage. Donned in the bridal dress she suddenly felt dizzy and fell down. (WD)