Subramanian Swamy claims Ram Mandir to be constructed by 2022

Last Modified Saturday, 28 December 2019 (16:27 IST)
Thane: Member of Parliament Dr Subramanian Swamy, who had played important role in the issue said on Friday that the Shilanyas for the Ram Mandir would be done on April 2, Ram Navami day and the construction of the same will be completed by 2022 as the decks have now been cleared for the same.
He was delivering the lecture on the subject Rashtrapurush Sri Ram at Thane where he made this announcement. The lecture was organized by Sriram Vyayamshala Seva Sansta as part of the its "Nava Chetana Vyakyanmala."
In his more than one hour speech, Dr. Swamy narrated as to how he entered the litigation and the court had given the final verdict on it. 
He said that when the issue was being discussed in the country and the matter was sub judice, Ashok Singhal of the VHP approached him and asked him to intervene and find a way out, as the "temple could not not be built in his life time."
Then I had given a word to Singhal and hence I fought the issue tooth and nail and fulfilled my commitment now, he said. 
In his speech, he said that the country held three temples in high esteem and they were our Aasta (Concern). We consider them as our Big Gods. They are Sri Ram Temple at Ayodhya, Sri Krishna Temple at Dwaraka and Kashi Vishwanath temple at Varanasi. 
In our country, 40,000 temples had been razed and all the temples could not not be rebuilt but we want these three temples to be preserved, he said. 
At least these three temples should be returned to us and we will fight for the same, he said. 
In his speech, he also referred to the Ram Setu and said that it will also be preserved a historical monument. 
We do not want any feud between the two communities  and want all the issues to be resolved amicably he said. He said that we will revive our rich history and heritage and those who come in our way will not be tolerated. 
He also said that in Indian history women have an important place from the historical period and this continues even now. One woman had become the Prime Minister and the other one was on her way but I prevented her and will never ever allow her to become one he said. 
He said that in case of the Ayodhya issue, the matter was settled amicably and we want all the issues to be settled amicably without any feud he said. 
He also said that a Masjid was a place where prayer is done and it can be done anywhere unlike the temples he said. Even in the other countries including Pakistan the Masjids are razed he pointed out.
Our places of worship are our concern and no one can challenge it in any court of law. 
Even in case of the Ram Setu, he said that Ashok Singhal and Sarsangha Chalak Sudharshan wanted me to save it and I did it. He also gave the historical importance of Ram Setu. He said once the Ayodya temple is constructed there will be a link, between Ayodhya, Chitrakoot, Nashik, Kishkinda  and Sri Lanka.The three teertha sthan Ayodhya, Ram Setu and Ashok Vatika (Sri Lanka) will be linked by air.     
He gave a  yomen call to the citizens to follow the path set by Bhagwan Sri Ram. 
He reiterated that it is a good thing  that as a result of fruitful discussions the Ram Mandir will see the lights of its day. 
We don't have any intention to divide the two communities he declared and said that we want every one to live amicably here. (UNI)