Delhi woman grows record number of roses, enters Limca Book of Records

Last Modified Monday, 18 March 2019 (17:47 IST)
New Delhi: Spring came early in a Qutub Vihar residence of West Delhi, wherein a homemaker named Meena Upadhyay bloomed as many as 122 in a small cement pot and got herself registered in the Limca Book of Records. 
"Meena Upadhyay of New had a record blooming of roses in April 2018. There were 122 roses on a small 14 inch plant growing in a cement pot," reads the 'Record Rose Blooms' in the Indianised version of Guinness World Book of Records. 
Now a gardening enthusiast, Mrs Upadhyay's tryst with floriculture began with a meagre count of five plants which has now crossed 90. She told UNI in an interview last year that while speaking to some nurseries she came to know that it is unusual for a potted plant to yield more than 20 flowers and buds. It further encouraged her to go on with this hobby of hers, which is now her passion. 
Blooming these hundred roses did not come easy either. Taking time out of her daily chores, Mrs Upadhyay whole-heartedly dedicated at least two hours each in morning and evening to nurture them. She believes that there is no such thing as being busy, it is just a matter a priorities. "Each one of us have an entire day to ourselves, while some utilise it to the fullest others only crib about it. It is important to find time for what you love and the often quoted excuse of 'running short of time' does not cut ice,' she added. 
Her husband Narendra Upadhyay, who couldn't be more happy at his wife's achievement told UNI, "The journey of getting Meena's hardwork noted by the team of would not have been easy without the help of Union Minister of State for Agriculture Parshottam Rupala and Horticulture HOD Dr S S Sindhu of Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI, also known as Pusa)." 
However, her story does not end with a mere mention in the annual reference book of natural world records, but it further inspired the people nearby to pick up a shovel and build their own tiny gardens. "Delhi is already reeling under severe pollution, which has badly affected the air quality. While government is continuously putting in efforts to curb this problem, we, as the citizen should also chip in with our own small steps to tackle air pollution by going green," she said. (UNI)