The power of the supreme power

Last Modified Tuesday, 30 January 2018 (15:22 IST)
-Shruti Mukhiya

The omniscient has been
always with every Identity. But it depends upon the perception to view the real image.  People decry for their suffering,s but they don’t know the reason behind their soreness. The reason is to make them able to fulfill their lacking.The perception of an identity matters a lot the shadow of the past perception affects the present.

Because of the umbrage one is not able to move further and it has dominance on their point of view, decision making power, the intellectual capabilities or how they handle a particular predicament? God already jotted down, joy and sorrow in each account, but he has not matched with your calendar!
Every individual has a time of joy, woe, but the thing is not to think too much and blaming. Try to think why he has been facing a particular situation for so long? Because God wants to filter your personality and make you able to fight with the upcoming barriers, strain. To understand many things one should acquaint himself with the basics. An identity has to go through certain gates of understanding.
To comprehend the of the one should make one with The oversoul (God) and to do so one should follow a procedure. The first step is to make your heart pure. The purity of heart refers to the nonentity of the negative elements like fear, anger, ego, jealousy.  That purity of the heart leads to one step further that is realization. The Self Realization is the most essential part of life. Kalam says:- “He who knows others is a learned but the wise one is the one who knows himself. Learning without wisdom is of no use.” After the Self realization one is able to connect his soul with The Oversoul.
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