FIFA suspends Pakistan, Chad football associations with immediate effect

Last Updated: Wednesday, 7 April 2021 (16:06 IST)
Zurich: The Bureau of the Council has decided to suspend the football associations of and with immediate effect, soccer’s global governing body said on Wednesday.

According to statement issued by FIFA, the decision to suspend the (FTFA) with immediate effect was taken due to the government’s interference in the national association’s activity.
“The suspension was prompted by the recent decisions of Chadian government authorities to permanently withdraw the powers delegated to the FTFA, establish a national committee for the temporary management of football and seize control of the FTFA’s premises,” the FIFA statement said.
FIFA noted that the suspension will be lifted once the Chadian government has abolished its decisions and confirmed that the FIFA premises are again under the control of the international association.
Meanwhile, the decision to suspend the (PFF) also took immediate effect due to third-party interference in the national association’s activity.
“This situation was prompted by the recent hostile takeover of the headquarters in Lahore by a group of protesters and an alleged decision by certain individuals to remove the FIFA-appointed normalisation committee of the PFF,” the statement said.
Pakistan was also suspended by FIFA for third party interference in 2017.
FIFA said the latest suspension will only be lifted once it has received confirmation from the normalisation committee that the PFF premises, accounts, administration and communication channels are again under its full control and it can continue to carry out its mandate without further hindrance.
The suspension means that both Pakistan and Chad will not receive funds from FIFA and they will be barred from official competitions while development projects will also be put on hold. (UNI)