ICC Test Championship is the last effort to save Test cricket from death

Last Modified Saturday, 9 February 2019 (12:08 IST)
Dhaka: International Cricket Council (ICC) chairman says the is dying because people no longer have time to watch the longest format of the game.
Mr Manohar, who arrived in Dhaka on Wednesday at the invitation of Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) President Nazmul Hassan, said on Thursday that the Test Championship, starting in July this year, was one of the last-ditch efforts to revive the Test Cricket.
"We are trying to see whether Test Championship can generate interest," ESPNcricinfo quoted Shashank Manohar  as saying. "Because Test Cricket is actually dying to be honest. So to improve the situation, we are trying ways and means. The [ICC] board directors came to a conclusion that if we start a Test Championship, it would keep Test Cricket alive and generate more interest in the game."
Talking about the people's priorities, the former BCCI President said, "If you look at the TRPs of the broadcasters, T20 has the maximum TRP. It is because of being the shorter version of the game. Nowadays, people don't have five days time to watch a Test match. From 10 to 5 everybody has their own job to do so it is very difficult for them to watch this game. T20s get over in three-and-a-half hours, like watching a movie.

Therefore, it is picking up very fast."Mr Manohar also spoke about the hurdles of getting the International Olympic Committee to include cricket in the Olympic Games. "We are trying to take it to Olympics but there are certain hurdles. The bigger issue is the Olympics is held over 15 days. How do you finish a world event of cricket in fifteen days?" he added.
"For that you need cricket stadiums also. Olympics are not held only in cricket-playing countries. They are played elsewhere, so to finish the tournament you will need a minimum of four stadiums," he said.On Thursday, Manohar also met the country's Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina before attending a reception hosted by the BCB.(UNI)