India moots proposal to host Hockey World Cup in 2023

Last Modified Wednesday, 6 February 2019 (11:05 IST)
Lausanne: floated a proposal, expressing its willingness to host either of the FIH men’s or women’s World Cup in 2023, the International Hockey Federation (FIH) announced.
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India had hosted the men’s World Cup thrice, the latest being last year in Bhubaneswar.
Australia and New Zealand have also expressed their interests for hosting the women’s World Cup, scheduled to start from January 13-29, 2023, while other bids have been made for the time window of July 1-17 in 2022 by Germany, Malaysia and Spain.
India and Germany have bid for both men’s and women’s World Cups, whereas Malaysia and Spain have bid for the men’s tournament.
“Bidding countries had to indicate until the deadline of January 31, 2019 also their preferred time window, either 1-17 July 2022 or 13-29 January 2023,” the FIH said in a statement.
FIH will now start the evaluation process of the bids. The Executive Board will make the final decision on both hosts in June, 2019.
FIH CEO Thierry Weil said, “FIH is glad to have received such strong bids. This confirms how appealing our events are. We’re looking forward to two great FIH World Cups, both Men’s and Women’s, and a lot of excitement for players and fans!” (UNI)