Now stay connected with relatives with Relative Book

Last Modified Monday, 15 February 2021 (14:38 IST)
Chennai:In this era of advanced technology, Facebook was one of the social media platforms that enables people to stay connected.
On these lines comes yet another platform Relative Book, that helps people to stay connected with their relatives.The unique platform was launched for the benefit of the people by its Founder and CEO Mr.Rajkumar from Tirupur and the website was developed by Live Stream Technologies”
Proprietor Eswaran.M.Talking to reporters here, they said that with Relative Book one can do a range of things using this site including Relatives connect--staying connected with the relatives
and their family members.
Mr Rajkumar said the Relative Book was Indian social relatives connecting site that always enables people to stay in touch with their relatives using this site.He said with Relative Book one could know their relatives easily using relative chart, stay in touch with them for functions and youngest to eldest in the family could get connect and view the family activities, stream the events and family functions live to their relatives, besides offering Relative Book Matrimony.
He said the website contains news updates, connect relatives, find relatives, music, live streaming and shopping page.There are also default pages for Relative Book(Social Activities,
Festivals, Challenges, Sports, Entertainments).
Users cannot create own pages to avoid vulnerable activities.Relative Book will conduct awareness campaigns and the first campaign would be to plant one lakh tree saplings.Mr Eswaran said the relative book would be coming soon ongoogle play and the Apple App store.(UNI)