Is Online Blackjack Better than Land Blackjack?

Last Modified Wednesday, 4 December 2019 (12:39 IST)
is one of the most popular casino games whether it’s played at an online casino or a land-based one. For a game that has unknown origins, it has held up pretty good throughout the ages. The
history of blackjack records it’s transformation from a classic table game to an online one. Casino sites feature lots of versions of it to keep their players entertained which is why they have so many visitors. With that kind of traffic what makes land blackjack so popular that people are still playing it?

Land based Casinos are more than places you can play blackjack in 

When someone thinks of a casino they think of the luxury resorts in Vegas or Monte Carlo. The glamour is what the sites are missing. The feeling you have when you’re in an actual casino resort is irreplaceable which is why these casinos are getting visited by millions of people a year. But playing blackjack from the comfort of your home has its benefits as well. If you take India as an example, then you’ll know that the legal situation regarding gaming isn’t exactly clear which is why Indian casino enthusiasts are going online to play blackjack or other games they enjoy. Thanks to their own casino sites they can play blackjack with Rupees whenever they want.  

Online Blackjack is faster and More in favor of the player

When you’re playing blackjack in a casino you have to wait for the decisions of other players which makes the game drag on. The longer the game lasts the easier you’d lose your concentration. Another thing that makes a game of blackjack lag is that someone can come right behind you and start telling you what to do as if they were an expert on the game. All this can be avoided if you make the switch to online blackjack. The games are faster unless you play on a live table when you play against a computer. The rules are also better suited to the player. Moreover, you’ll set your won mood and decide how you want to play your hands.

Wagering requirements and Bonus 

Promotions and bonuses regarding blackjack and other casino games are frequent in online casinos. This is excellent for an online blackjack player because they’d have better chances of winning a prize. In addition, blackjack is a game with a low house edge so any player has a bigger chance of winning right? Not exactly. There are wagering requirements for every bonus which means that you have to wager a deposit or a bonus a minimum number of times before you cash out. So in a way, the wagering requirements keep online blackjack layers from winning too many prizes.


While land blackjack can be slow and annoying at times it offers instant payouts without wagering requirements. On the other hand, online blackjack lets players set their own mood and give them more chances to increase their winning streak. It’s evident that online and land blackjack both have features that the other one’s missing which is why they coexist and will continue to do so.
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