Disgrace! Why victory of Pakistan in CT17 is a shame!

Victory of Pakistan is victory of radical Islam and victory of radical Islam is end of humanity

Author Sushobhit Saktawat
There they were, women and wives of Pakistani cricketers, shrouded in hezab and burqas, during the presentation ceremony of Champions Trophy. Right in the heart of London, the glorious capital of Europe. Muslims were celebrating their victory  and as if the world had gone back to the distant past, one thousand years back!
And for a moment it felt as if humanity has no future. is victory of radical Islam and victory of radical Islam is end of humanity. It is as simple as this, it is not as simple as a cricket match.
I could see giggling faces around me. People cracking jokes. People making a theatre of themselves. They didn't even realize what is happening. 
It was not just a cricket match, after all. It also had a political narrative. It was about the sanctity of many ideas. In Europe, in England, where Islam is performing a dance macabre over the period of time, this cricket team from the very terror bastion of world, won big time, against India, and everything went slipping out of the hands. 
It was af if evil won and humanity lost!
I know what I am saying sounds hyperbolic. But this is precisely what it is meant to be. Who can see terrorism celebrating after all? The nation which should have been cornered, banned, barred, left out of the universal scheme, a rogue nation which should never have been allowed to play, was basking in glory of victory in London and the women in hezab and burqa decorating the event were a pathetic scene.
Just how those who should be ashamed, can be allowed to be proud of themselves. In broad daylight, in full public view. Under the gaze of angels of civilization. 
In 1936 Olympic, nobody wanted Nazi Germany to win medals. World War was yet to begin, Munich pact was three years away, the rape of Austria two years away. And yet, everybody wished that Nazi Germany should win nothing, because all victories and loses have their symbolic value. And nobody wants that evil should embolden in any way.
Apparently, the world of 1936 had more sense than the world of 2017. As I saw people actually clapping Pakistan and wishing them for their victory. A Pakistan victory is bad omen for humanity, nobody seemed ro realized. 
Pakistan is not just another nation. Pakistan is devil's workshop, the factory of terror. Pakistan is evil!
It felt like end of hope. It was heartbreaking. Cricked ended for me there and that. RIP, cricket. And brace yourself, humanity!
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